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6 Week Training Series


Our program is an  after school beginning & advance basketball class for boys and girls ages 5-15. Children will learn the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, passing and defense through fun games, drills and coordination exercises with an added team play curriculum for players ages 5-15.  Classes are generally separated into age appropriate groups called Beginning Basketball Training Program and Advance Basketball Training Program; creating a situation where each child can experience success. This is a (6) week basketball skill training program that allows each player to increase basketball IQ and skill sets.

It is the mission to provide a safe, positive and fun learning environment for beginner basketball players ages 5.  We will provide an exceptional introduction to the game by teaching the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting and defense.  We strive to give players the best chance to be successful in team play after completion of the program as well as help them develop a lifelong love of fitness and health related activities.

Beginning Basketball Training Program: (5-9 years old)
PLEASE NOTE: This program is for players whoar are just starting out playing basketball or needing to improve basic fundamentals.  

Beginning is designed to give children a strong fundamental foundation and gain a better understanding of the rules and regulations of basketball. The goal with our Beginning Basketball age group is to help children develop a love for the game and learn the correct techniques of dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense.

Advance Basketball Training Program: (10-15 years old)

This program is for players who are looking to improve their skills. This program  is not for beginner players, it is an advanced training program for players looking to get to the elite playing level.

Children will participate in more challenging skill drills, fitness games and 15 minute mini team practices at the end of each class to prepare them for participation on a select basketball Team. Correct fundamentals are continually reinforced throughout class to develop good habits and technique.


All sessions have a predetermined number of classes set by the director.  Please see below for general session costs per child.

6 Week Session: $150.00

*Classes are 60 minutes long and new participants receive a free t-shirt*

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